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Fic: Starting Promises, Chloe/Oliver, R

Fic: Starting Promises.
Rating: R, references to sex :D
Pairing/Characters: Chloe/Oliver, Lana, mentions of Lex, Clark and the JLA
Summary: Chloe needs a date to Lex and Lana’s wedding. Who else is going to fill that role but her sexy billionaire boyfriend?
Word Count: 2110
Fictable: #13 Luther Mansion
Spoilers: 6.16 Promise
A/N: So this is meant to be a sequel to Start Over. I wasn’t actually planning to write a sequel but this got stuck in my head and I couldn’t help it. It could be read by itself but it you want to read the beginning here’s the link. It’s also the first part of my scifiland big bang challenge.
So I hope you enjoy, feel free to comment. :D

Snuggling into the blankets further Chloe sighed and pulled Oliver’s arm further around her
Tags: author: isdon_isgood9, claim: chloe/oliver

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