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Fic: Morning at McDougal, Chloe/Oliver, NC-17

Fic: Morning at McDougal.
Rating: NC – 17
Summary: The morning after Chloe and Oliver ran into Clark and Lois at the inn
Spoilers: 9.15 Escape (Cause I’ve finally seen it : D)
Disclaimer: I very sadly do not own Smallville or its characters. If I did a lot of things would not have happened the way that they did.
Fictable: 41: Writers Choice/McDougal Inn.
Warnings: Smut, well what I write that could be considered as smut. Season 9 spoilers.
A/N: When I was watching this episode I was curious as to what Oliver and Chloe were talking about when they came into the dining room and since I haven’t had a chance to read all the fics that are out there for season 9 just yet, I figured I’d just write anyway : D
Enjoy! And feel free to comment, I love constructive criticism!!

Groaning Chloe rolled over on the bed as sunlight streamed through the window, stopping when she ran into the bare chest of the man next her
Tags: author: isdon_isgood9, claim: chloe/oliver

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