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Below are any questions (and answers) that you might have. If you have one that is NOT answered here, please comment and I will get back to you! :D

Q: What can I claim?
A: Anything Smallville related! You could claim an object, a pairing, a character, a threesome/foursome/etc, a team, a place, seasons of the show, episodes, a crossover, etc! The only thing you CAN'T claim is a real-person/actor/actress and you may not use RPF as a crossover - I have nothing against RPF, I just don't want it here because this a SMALLVILLE community.

Q: If I make a claim, does that mean I stick to ____ for the whole table?
When you claim say CHLOE then each fanfic you write it must feature her in the story... she doesn't have to the main character, but she should be one of the central characters in it.
- If you choose like a pairing the same thing applies, they don't have to be the main pairing or anything but both characters should be characters in the story. If they happen to be with two different people or are just friends in the story then thats fine.
- If you claim an object/place/etc, again the same thing applies even though your dealing with a more general area to work with... so you should have no problems.
- If you claim a Season than EACH fic must stick within that Season - doesn't have to be canon though so yes you can make an AU!Season 4 where Lois never showed up or AU!Season 1/2 where Whitney lived.

Q: How long to the fanfics have to be?
A: While there is no maximum word count, there should be AT LEAST 100 words.

Q: Is there a deadline?
A: No, there is no dead line, but if you go six months WITHOUT posting ANYTHING... I will warn you and if you do not get back to me or write anything for another month then I will remove your claim. You may reclaim it however if you want to rejoin again and if you happen to have any stories written already than yes you can keep them.

Also if your username goes dead/deleted at anytime and you haven't told me you've changed names - your claim WILL be deleted.

Q: Do you have to do the prompts in order, or can you skip around?
A: You can skip around, of course.

Q: Does the pairing have to be strictly canonical?
A: Nope! Say you like Chloe and Zod together... then you can write it! Anything goes, slash or femslash as well.

Q: May I claim original characters?
A: No... but you may have an original character in your fanfic.

Q: Can I have characters that are in the DC Comics but not in the SV Universe in my fics?
A: Yes! I find it very stupid that Batman and Wonder Woman can't arrive on the show, so if you want them come up in your fics, you can! And you DON'T have to claim a crossover over to have characters from the DC Comics Universe appear. Its only characters from other shows/cartoons/comics/films do you have to claim a crossover if you want to write more than the allowed crossovers for the tables (which is answered below).

Q: Can I have crossovers for my fics in my table without claiming a crossover?
 It depends on the table. This only applies when you DON'T have a crossover claimed:
Table 7 - none
Table 10 - one
Table 15 - two
Table 20 - three
Table 25 - four
Table 50 - five
Table 100 - ten

Q: When may I begin posting?
A: As soon as your accepted of course!

Q: Is there a limit as to how many stories I may post at a time?
Nope! You can post all 7-100 at one time if you want, although its not really recommended.

Q: Does the prompt word have to appear in the story?
Nope! Nor does it have to be the more usual meaning of the word. Let your imagination run riot. Just make sure that the theme does appear in the story, however loosely.

Q: May I use previously written and posted stories?
A: For this community, no. This community is about writing NEW fanfiction. However, I'm not going to spend time checking your LJ & other communities, websites, etc. so you are on trust.

Q: May I post my stories elsewhere?
A: Yes, they are your stories. You may post them wherever you wish to.

Q: Your missing _____ tag!
A: Probably not, LJ doesn't like to show the tags until someone uses them, BUT I do make your tags as soon as I accept your claim.

Q: How do I Drop a Claim?
A: To drop your claim you must comment at this entry.

Q: I would affiliate, will you affiliate with ____?
A: As long as its Smallville or DC Comics related somehow, sure! Just comment on this entry and I'll get back to you & add you to the profile!
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